OSOS Laminating Machines & Laminating Films
OSOS laminating range is made with Japanese High Quality and Reliability.

OSOS Lamination Features: Scratches, tears and blemishes are prevented, preventing the laminated documents in a pristine condition for a long time. Lamination makes absolute waterproof and high resistant to chemicals and oils. Perfect sealing and complete adhesion prevent falsification and alteration of the laminated documents.

Excellent transparency makes text and figures stand out sharply and clearly. Especially, lamination for colour copying paper, ink jet paper printer papers and plotter machine papers is most effective , which makes the contents of these documents more glossy and brightly. The laminated surface, may be written with oil-based ink and the writing can be erased with alcohol and rewritten. For convenient filing in binders and such like, holes can be punched in laminated documents.

Laminators / Laminating Machine Range: Home / Small Office Laminator; Business Laminator, Professional Laminator, Roll Laminator etc.